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Forging its Path into the Lives of Montana Millennials: The New and Improved Nissan Titan

Posted by Jyal Morrow on Jan 11, 2018 11:20:57 AM

Nissan Titans at Billings Nissan

Millennials are known to doing their own research before making purchase decisions, even if this means deviating from tradition. From technology to food products, brand loyalty isn’t nearly as important to this younger generation as it tends to be for past generations.

Why does this matter? Instead of buying the same trucks as their parents, millennials are finding that the best trucks for sale in Montana aren’t necessarily the traditional truck brands that have dominated the truck market in the past.

Learn how the new Nissan Titan is forging its path into the lives of millennials through technology, and why Billings truck shoppers should consider the Titan in their search for new trucks for sale in Montana.

Truck Technology Features that Help You Stay Connected

Millennials have grown up with technology, making it an important aspect they consider while searching for new Montana trucks for sale. Just because the Nissan Titan isn’t a “smart car,” doesn’t mean that it can’t rock the latest and greatest technology.

The Titan gives you access to your music, social media, navigation, and SiriusXM® Radio through its NissanConnect® services. And when you take advantage of SiriusXM Travel Link®, you can access traffic conditions, the latest weather report, and even movies and sports.

Sounds pretty amazing, right? The multiple power outlets and premium audio sound system are just icing on this already amazing cake.



Better Technology, Improved Safety

Rearview Camera in the Nissan Titan

Truck technology not only refers to the ability to access music and navigation services in your Titan, but also the ability to make your drive as safe as possible.

Don’t worry about trying to fiddle with your phone to access the directions you need, with the Titan’s Advanced Drive-Assist® Display, you get turn-by-turn directions right in front of you.

Drivers of the new Titan also appreciate driving aid alerts such as Blind Spot Warning, keeping you aware of your surroundings. The Titan also has an available parking sonar system, giving you an extra set of eyes while parking in those tight spaces.  

Need to hitch something up to your Titan? Its rearview and around view monitors give you a virtual 360 degree view around your vehicle, helping you safely and easily hitch your trailer, boat, or camper to your Titan, saving you major time.

Go Extreme and Never Look Back with Titan Technology

New Nissan Titan

While you can certainly drive your Nissan Titan on local Billings roads, this truck was made for adventure, ready to go exploring off the beaten path. Do you love adventure and exploration? The Titan is the logical truck of choice for your "go go go" lifestyle. 

Exploring the Montana mountains? The Titan’s hill start assist feature keeps you from rolling backwards, while its hill descent control helps you maintain speed and brake pressure to help provide a controlled descent.

The Titan’s Advanced Drive-Assist® Display incorporates an off-road status, keeping you updated on pitch, roll, and angle of the front wheels so you can feel confident conquering whatever hill you encounter.

Go Your Own Way While Shopping for Montana Trucks for Sale with the Nissan Titan

While millennials are certainly drawn to the Nissan Titan, this truck can appeal to anyone looking to go their own way and forge their own path.

And with the Titan’s 5 year/100,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty, it’s no wonder why it wins the title of America’s Best Truck Warranty among other Montana trucks for sale.

Looking for a new Montana truck for sale that’s ready to take on any challenge you encounter? The Nissan Titan is ready to help you out. Shop our selection of new Nissan Titans today!



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